Summer 2024 Financial Aid is Open!

The Summer Session 2024 Financial Aid application is now open!

If you would like to know how much aid you are eligible to receive for Summer Session before registration opens, please complete your aid application before noon on Thursday, March 21.

Apply via the link in your WesPortal (Courses/Summer Session). Most of the information needed will auto-fill. All you need to do is answer three short questions.

Applying for aid does not mean that you have to take a Summer Session course. It simply allows you to keep open the option of affording one if you want to take one. Summer Session tuition is $4,200 per credit.

Most courses are already listed in WesMaps – feel free to take a look! Please don’t hesitate to contact The Summer Session staff with any questions:

Summer Session 2023 – Financial Aid App Open

The application for Summer Session 2023 aid is currently open. Students who apply before noon March 23 will know what their award is on March 28 – before registration opens on April 4. Classes are both on-campus and online this summer. The form can be found in your Portal/Courses/Summer Session. Applying for aid does not mean that you have to take a Summer Session course.

Please note that Summer Session aid does not meet full need and students should expect to use personal funds or student loans to meet the cost of Summer Session. Tuition is $4,000 per credit. Courses are listed in WesMaps – feel free to take a look at the course offerings!

Summer Session Key Dates:

  • Mon, 3/6: Summer Session financial aid opens
  • Tues, 3/28: Aid award notification (for students who applied by noon, Thurs 3/23)
  • Tues, 4/4: Registration opens (same day planning opens)
  • Thurs, 4/13 at noon: Aid applications close
  • Tues, 4/18: Aid award notification
  • Wed, 5/31: First day class, Session 1
  • Mon, 7/3: First day class, Session 2

MUSC 297 Music of Central Asia: From Throat-Singing to Heavy Metal

The music of the Hu was chosen as the soundtrack to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order because it sounded otherworldly to Western audiences. In fact, the Hu draw on ancient musical traditions from Central Asia, one of the most culturally and musically diverse areas of the world. This course introduces students to a wide range of music practices, genres, and styles in historically nomadic and sedentary regions of Central Asia: throat-singing, sounds of shamanic and Sufi Islamic rituals, epic performance, narrative instrumental playing, oral poetry competitions, folk and art singing, Western-influenced classical and popular music genres (Central Asian repertoires of opera and symphony, Azerbaijani jazz, Uzbek estrada, Kazakh Q-pop and crossover music, Mongolian heavy metal and hip-hop). The roles and meanings of music and the status of musicians are discussed in relation to wider aspects of cultural and social life, the impact of Soviet culture policies, post-Soviet national revival and globalization. The course draws on extensive audiovisual materials and is open to students of all levels. No background in music or Central Asia is required.

The course audio/video resources are available here:

Course Withdrawal Deadline 12/2

The deadline to withdraw from full-semester and second-quarter classes for the Fall 2022 semester is Friday, December 2, at 5:00 p.m EST.

If you need to withdraw from a course, please send a group email to the instructor, your faculty advisor, and your class dean, and attach a withdrawal form.

If you are thinking about withdrawing from a course:

  • Do use this time to talk to your professors, your advisors, and your class dean about your concerns.
  • Do make sure you are taking advantage of all the resources available to you.
  • Do not wait until Friday at 4:00 p.m. to seek advice from your instructor, advisor, or dean because you probably won’t hear back from them until after the deadline has passed.

Winter Session Aid App Opens Wed 10/12

The application for Winter Session financial aid opens on Wed 10/12 on WesPortal (Classes > Winter Session). This application will close on Friday 11/4 at noon. Please apply for aid if you think you might be interested in Winter Session. Applying for aid does not obligate you to take Winter Session. Please note that full need is not met for Winter Session.

Courses will be a mix of on-campus and online and will be posted before registration opens on Tues, Nov 15. If you have questions, please contact department staff here.

Enroll Me and Drop Add (8/29 – 9/16)

Drop/Add begins Monday, August 29 and closes on Friday, September 16. 

Please review the Drop/Add process information available on the Registrar’s website. You must first click the “Enroll Me” button in WesPortal before you can participate in Drop/Add.

Our Senior Associate Registrar, Karri Van Blarcom, has created a helpful video guide about the Drop/Add process. Check it out to prepare for Drop/Add.