End of Summer Considerations

Happy August, Class of 2025 – 

I hope you have enjoyed summer so far – in only a few weeks, classes will resume, and we will be back into the swing of the academic semester.  

In preparation for the start of the academic year, I want to remind you of a few resources:

  1. Reflection. If you haven’t had a chance to review the summer reflection I sent you, please be sure to check it out. You’ll benefit from this reflection prior to the start of your next semester. 
  1. Major Certification Form (on WesPortal). This form displays your progression through a declared credential. Though you won’t officially certify your major until the final semester of your senior year, you should use this form now to make sure you are on track to complete your major(s)/minors(s)/certificate(s). More details about this form can be found on the registrar’s website
  1. Credit Analysis (on WesPortal): This report allows you to monitor your progress towards meeting graduation requirements. Please review this guide to learn how to read the Credit Analysis Report.
  1. General Education Report (on WesPortal): This report displays the courses you’ve completed to satisfy general education expectations. General education expectations vary by academic department; you can review academic department websites to confirm if general education expectations are required as part of your major. Completion of general education expectations is a requirement for those who wish to pursue University HonorsPhi Beta Kappa, honors in general, and honors in certain departments and for those who wish to pursue more than two majors, minors and/or certificates.
  1. Fellowships. Attend this webinar offered by Dr. Kowsz from the Office of Fellowships to hear about fellowship opportunities for juniors at Wesleyan. 

If you have questions about any of this, please talk with your faculty advisor, schedule an appointment with an Academic Peer Advisor, or reach out to me

I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks (if not before). Until then, take care!

Dean Dunn 

Fellowships Info Session Class of 2025

Wednesday, August 23 at 5-6pm on Zoom (Register here to receive the Zoom link)

Join Dr. Kowsz from the Office of Fellowships to hear about fellowship opportunities for juniors at Wesleyan. We’ll talk about the role fellowships can play in helping you achieve your goals, deadlines to be aware of during the junior year, and postgraduate opportunities you can start exploring as a junior. We will discuss opportunities open to all disciplines, but those interested in STEM, public service, environmental studies, and education are especially encouraged to attend because of the junior-year deadlines that are relevant to these fields specifically. Open to all Wesleyan students graduating with the Class of 2025.

The Final Cram: An Experimental Study Space

Have a bit more studying to do, or a paper to finish? Join us at WesWell on 5/16 from 2-4pm for a curated study space experience.

We’ll break the time up using the Pomodoro method (25 mins of working, 5 min break) and do restorative activities together for the breaks. We’ll have snacks and drinks, and you can even get a sticker as a little reward when you finish a task. Need to be talked up? Motivational speeches will be available on demand to keep you going. Let WesWell support your final efforts this semester — come to 287 High from 2-4pm and get it done 👏

Writing Support

The Writing Center will soon host the following events. Be sure to check them out!

1. “What the Red Marks Mean” is a session about professor feedback on papers hosted by Professor Stephanie Weiner and Professor Beth Hepford on April 7th at noon. 

2. Write-Ins is a place for students to dedicate time to writing, write in community, have snacks, and earn prizes. These are held weekly in Boger Hall on Mondays from 7-10

3. Read Ins is a place for students to dedicate time to reading. Students will take comprehension breaks and share what they’ve read with someone to help them absorb the material and work in community, have snacks, and earn prizes. These are also on Mondays in Boger Hall from 7-9

Wesleyan McNair Program Application

The Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program (link) is a national program supporting underrepresented students as they work toward applying to graduate school. This program serves juniors and seniors, providing summer and academic year fundingmentorship and training, as well as a community of students of similar backgrounds who are all striving toward the same goals.

Students are eligible to apply to these programs during their sophomore year. Applications are due 3/10/23. To learn more, visit our website here.