Class of 2025 – Summer Reflection

I am in my office in North College overlooking Andrus field where our commencement activities take place this weekend. I get excited knowing this is the same place where many of you will walk across the stage in two years. It’s wild to think you are halfway – and for some of you, even more than halfway – through your Wesleyan career. 

I’ve had conversations with many of you about your summer plans. Your plans run the gamut: you are volunteering, working to earn more for school, taking courses, doing internships, and conducting research, among other activities. No matter what your summer plans look like, I encourage you to take a moment to pause and reflect on just how much you have accomplished in the past couple of years. 

In that pause and reflection, consider setting your sights towards the future. What goals do you have for yourself this summer? For your junior and senior years? For post-graduation? You do not need to have the next few years of your life completely mapped out; however, setting SMART goals now can help confirm or refocus your trajectory. Minimally I encourage you to set a goal to become familiar with the Major Certification form – this tool will display your progression through a declared major so if you have not accessed it yet, please do so today. If you ever want to talk about your goals, please book an appointment with me. I love hearing student goals because it helps me keep you in mind when experiences related to your goals come across my desk. 

These last few years have come and gone fast – the next couple will feel even faster. Cherish each moment, seek knowledge in every experience, and recognize that you can stay the course you had planned or change direction. You are midway through your studies at Wesleyan; you have lots of time to continue to learn and grow.  

You’ve accomplished so much – I am beyond excited to see what will come.

A special shout out to those who are studying abroad between now and next summer. Be intentional about what you hope to do, learn, see, and experience while away. Take lots of pictures – in fact, I think it’s a riot when students take a printout or stuffed animal of their university mascot to include in photos. I’d love to see some of your travels via social media – y’all are way better at social media than I am, but may I suggest the hashtag #Wes2025CardsAbroad?

Sending you and your loved ones a happy and healthy summer ahead – see you in the fall if not sooner!

Take care,
Dean Dunn